10 Things Your Woman Wants for Christmas

BuckedUp Apparel offers a range of gifts sure to put a smile on your girl's face this holiday season.

She’s the girl of your dreams – she’s hot, she knows her way around a deer stand and she’s got the confidence and sass that keeps you on your toes. Treat her right this holiday season with the kind of gifts she really wants. Never mind the sparkly stuff you can’t afford anyway. Get her the hunting clothes and accessories she’ll use every day. Lucky for you, BuckedUp Apparel has a few gift ideas that are sure to make her smile:

  1. BuckedUp hoodie – They come in nine different colors and designs and will help keep her warm on cold nights.
  2. BuckedUp Jr. lounge pants – They’ll be the most comfy item in her closet.
  3. Six-pack lunch cooler in pink with the BuckedUp logo – A gal’s gotta eat and she’d prefer to do it in style.
  4. BuckedUp girly tank or tee – Spring will be here before you know it, and she’ll be fashionably ready.
  5. BuckedUp swirly hat or visor - To go with her girly tank or tee. After all, accessories make the outfit.
  6. BuckedUp Hot Shorts – Ok, admit it. This is a gift that’s a little more for you than for her. But she’ll be flattered. We think.
  7. BuckedUp 2010 Calendar – When you hand her this calendar full of hot picks of the beautiful BuckedUp girls and tell her, “Baby, these gals got NUTHIN’ on you,” she’ll be so moved with emotion that you can bet the Christmas night romance is ON. Maybe.
  8. Chuckit Bucket – Because seriously, she needs someplace to coral all your junk you leave lying around the house.
  9. BuckedUp cornhole board – To keep the kids occupied while she tries on those hot shorts. And because she’s such a great aim, she can hustle your buddies out of an easy few bucks.
  10. Statch Rope – Because she’s got stuff to pull too. What do you think she does all day when you’re off with your buddies – watch Oprah reruns? Doubt it.

Whether you’re looking for a great gift for your girl, your best buddy or the littlest future hunters in your family, BuckedUp Apparel has you covered. Browse our website, find a BuckedUp retailer near you or catch us at one of multiple upcoming events.

Prepare For the Hunt with Great Looking Hunting Clothes and a Ready Hunting Dog

Hunters across the country are gearing up for bird hunting seasons and BuckedUp Apparel is outfitting them with great looking hunting clothes for men, women and youth. But too often, hunters forget to fully prepare their hunting partners – the four-legged ones, that is.

“It’s very foolish to take a dog off the couch and go hunting,” Dogfolk Enterprises owner and author Pat Hastings recently told a reporter with the Oregonian. Hastings is a sought-after canine expert who travels the country to evaluate litters of puppies, informing owners as to the best lifestyles for a pup based on its body structure.  Hastings offers these tips to make sure your dog is ready for the hunt.

Make sure your dog is ready for the hunting season with tips from BuckedUp Apparel.

  • Shed the pounds. Extra weight is as hard or harder on dogs as it is on humans. It tires and weakens their legs and overworks their hearts. Ideally, you should be able your hunting dog’s ribs and backbone but not see them. If your dog is too heavy, feed him once a day, preferably in the morning, and opt for low-calorie rice cakes as filling treats.
  • Take along fresh, clean water for your hunting dog. A dog will drink a little dirty water if that’s all he can find, but he won’t drink enough of it to keep him properly hydrated. That’s why they’ll dart past a grungy water dish and lap up fresh toilet water instead.
  • Make sure your hunting dog gets lots of free-running and play time off the leash. Chasing sticks and balls exercises more of your dog’s musculature than does running along with you on a leash. It also gives his mind a workout. In a free-running game, he decides when to change his gait, dodge, jump, etc. Hastings also recommends using an exercise ball to help strengthen your hunting dog’s core muscles, which means less pressure on his limbs.
  • When you’re headed out for a hunt, massage and stretch your dog and allow him a few minutes of warm-up play before you start hunting.
  • Take along a leaf of aloe vera plant and squeeze the juice onto the pads of your hunting dog’s feet if they crack or bleed. Use a product like Tuf-Foot to help toughen paw pads and make sure their nails are a healthy length. Nails that touch the ground make for sore feet.
  • Shave long-haired hunting dogs in September to ward off burrs and tangles. Carry along a container of talcum powder or baking flour to sprinkle on and remove burrs while out on a hunt.

BuckedUp Apparel has the hottest line of hunting clothes on the market today. Our women’s hunting tops are big sellers and BuckedUp hunting gear includes hunting backpacks, lunch and can coolers, bottle and can huggers and the famous Snatch Rope. For all your hunting clothes plus great hunting gear, visit BuckedUp Apparel online or find us at our next event.